-Name: Grazia Gallo
Date of birth: 21/06/1991
Place of birth: Salerno. Italy.
Currently based in: The Hague, the Netherlands.
- 2004/2009 Diploma in Art college A.Sabatini, Sa, Italy.
- 2011 Drawing workshop in Volkuniversitiet, .
Preparatory year in the art academy Kabk, The Hague.
-2012/2013 Bachelor in Interior Architecture Kabk, The Hague.
-From 2014 Bachelor in Fine Arts Kabk, The Hague.

-2013 Performance in collaboration with another artist for an art
local event, Leiden, The Netherlands.

-2015 Exhibition for lunchroom, Het Goude Konijn, The Hague

-2017 Disorder:
Group exhibition from Kabk Academy: gallery
The Grey space in the middle, The Hague,
The Netherlands.

-2018 Nokia tag’s line :
Group exhibition by Kabk Academy : Mooof Space , The Hague.
-2018 Graduated in fine art from Kabk The Hague.

-June 2019 “As we know it”
Group Exhibition at Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

Artist in residence:
-February 2020 Nave Agorà cultural space,Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Augurst 2020 ARV.I cultural space, Veliko, Bulgaria

- November 2018 Part of Trixie, emerging artist collective and gallery space, The Hague.
till January 2019

-January 2019 Initiating and working on for a new artist collective, Shiallah.

-April 2019 Collaboration with music producer Xamaná for the conceptualization and realization of the Music Video of the song Au

Approaching the space like a child would do, I become the conductor of a silent orchestra.”

Key workds for my works:
-Alienation form the "self".
-Consumerism/ massa production.
-Industrial materials.
-Found materials.
-Having fun!

"I look at my-self, and at people that lives a life without be conscious of what is the real matter of our existence. Everything in our days, goes too fast that we lose the control of our gesture and we do not choose for our self. We are part of a chain that trigger us to be surrounded from many useless objects even if we don’t need any of them; but we are angry, we are tired and we have to fill our emptiness in one way, and that’s the way! The system of society is taking over of our life, and unconsciously, we learn day by day to adapt even more to that.
My works, consist in a discourse between me and find objects that people don’t want anymore. I give to those objects a new mining, a new life, in the most general sense, they take part of a setting, where they can shine again and where, the viewer is able to appriciate the pure poetic beauty of them. The space, so becomes a stage where all the different object takes place, where they gater to be admired and to be sensed in a way that goes quite far from their own original function."