Avenida Encontrada
(Founded Avenue) 2020
Concrete, Mixed media,
Nave Agora'
Bueons Aires,

"This insight is not meant to make us feel melancholic or nostalgic, ​​
but rather calls for attention to fulfill these broken promises". ​​
SLAVOJ ZIZEK (2008).​​

My research led me to discover objects that seems to come from the past instead from the present, like posing fossils waiting to be wiped.​​
Coming from a place where the concept of the NEW it ́s seen as something already OLD, from where acceleration governs our behaviors making us running for the unknown, but still letting us believing that we have everything under control, here I encountered a place where people having different kind of issues; the anxiety of the unexpected, the fear of not being in control.​​

A society that is constantly waiting for a new economic breakdown ... all this is caused from the same mechanism, it ́s just that the results turned to affect differently the kind of society I am pointing at.​​

So if not here and not there, there is a way out, where the victims of this manipulative game can find the right place to be?​​

Impressed in the collective minds as witness of our society, my role is to give to these objects alternative places where to be.​