I am the product.
Installation video.
Duration:1 m

The created stage for this video-piece deliberately resembles the well-known and overly-staged window display of the Blijenkorf. Situated on the main shopping streets of The Netherlands, Blijenkorf was originally established in honor of the Royal Dutch family. Each of the seven large windows display mannequins in glamorous outfits along with elaborate props in various themed settings, where the passersby are lured into a carefully and well-crafted imaginary world. Psychologically this works similarly to how self-comparison happens when scrolling through our media feeds on social media platforms, which consequently shape our dreams, desires and goals. You may effectively ask, are they actually and genuinely your own? Or are our wants and needs manufactured by consumerist ideals, seen and possessed through windows of an imagined reality?‚Äč
Inferred from this video-piece, is that in becoming the mannequin, I move mechanically, ridiculously, in a fantastical imaginary setting, yet made up of ordinary not-so-extravagant found objects and materials.