Unfunctional green.
Installation, mixed media,size variable.
End exam

graduation kabk
Unfcuntional Green.​

Unfunctional Green is about decontextualizing the industrial, mass-produced, disposable products that permeate our society today. Removing them from their intended way of being used, from their function as tools or parts of a tool, is an attempt at allowing them to be admired purely for their form, color, and texture. In looking at these objects, in a manner of active personification, they come together to form a set of sculptures. The recurring color neon green is used to emphasize the origin of the objects production, their artificiality, their industrial provenance. As most things around us are in fact industrially produced—whether in use, no longer in use, repurposed, or mere trash—these things have reached a level of abundance that also grants them redundancy. Consisting of objects that share a similar formal language, and positioned so that they are is in dialog with one another and with the viewer as she/he moves about the installation, each sculpture is a tacit claim for their own identity, a justification for their existence.